Saturday, February 3, 2018

We Pray That Health Professionals Know More About Health Than They Do About Taxation

Kiwiblog reports ( MOH report concludes sugar taxes don’t work ) on the Health Dept. commissioned Study by NZIER showing (as many of us have said for a long time) that no dependable study shows reliable evidence that sugar taxes produce health benefits.

It took 50 days and an Ombudsman to release the information taxpayers paid for. Much of the evidence either ignores elasticity, relies on regurgitating discredited information or comprises modelled results. No surprises except the gullibility of those who continue to believe that health professionals understand the complexities of behaviour and tax linkages. There is no reason to suppose they should any more than I know anything about brain surgery.


  1. I suspect Brent you would be better than them on brain surgery!

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