Monday, February 17, 2014

Let even a little sun shine in…

One day solar power may be sufficiently cost efficient in terms of both operations and capital, to be viable on a widespread basis. On that day I have no doubt whatsoever that the entire of the construction and related sectors will utterly bombard the populace with its merits – and profit accordingly.

Meantime, if the current worthiness of solar heating was even remotely close to being of the value suggested by the Brisbane originating co leader of the Greens, folk would be flocking and there would be no need for any form of subsidy.

Does he genuinely believe that he and fellow Green persons are the only ones in the land with a miracle insight into solar power economics which eludes all the rest of the population – and will continue to elude them unless and until their taxes are used as subsidies to offset this massive over sight?

A close to first rule in economics is to observe what people do rather than listen to what they say. I am watching Normanomics.


  1. Never mind Brisbane, I have spent the last week in changing all of my British Standards to Euro Codes including replacing my computer programmes at considerable expense. However checking roof structures to ensure that they are able to support solar panels is a nice little earner.

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