Monday, August 27, 2012

Still farming…. or speculating on land prices




  1. Yeah... maybe... the REINZ median price for farm sales was NZ$17,910 at the end of July... be interested in that report from Knight Frank - can you supply a link to it. Can't tell if the chart above is in NZ$ or US$...

    Also the RB and REINZ have produced a new farm price index which shows how much farm prices have fallen over the past few years.

    Wouldn't trust Knight Frank as far as I could throw them.

  2. Its USD... its from the Economist... Knight Frank UK.... though I dare say they "talk" to their NZ office! Don't have a link sorry..... the point would be they could out by an order of magnitude and we're still farming land prices not animals or crops.

  3. Return on investment anyone???? Maybe the prices reflect the return on investment and not just random capital investment speculation?
    These numbers are meaningless in the vacuum of this table