Sunday, August 5, 2012

Just…. say what?

A currently popular “space filler” amongst the young who are our future is “just saying.”  What might this mean? There are a few possibilities:

  • I don’t really agree with what I am saying I am merely mouthing off;
  • there was a space in the conversation so I figured “best I fill it though I having nothing to say”
  • this idea is probably rubbish or easily shown to be subjective indulgence so don’t take me up on it;
  • I shall just ward off anyone who gets the idea they might perhaps, disagree with what I am suggesting here, so a bit of verbal defence is in order.

Whatever the meaning is supposed to be, there is idea that “although I am talking I don’t want anyone to take any notice or do anything different because of it.”

It is in fact a type of disclosed and declared conversational non event which at best registers my presence though not any idea or assertion I want to be held to.

Rather like a broken pencil then. Pointless. Does this matter. I’m not sure…  just saying.


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