Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Can’t you just be blunt? Just for once?

The EU and its currency the euro are undeniably in a mess and still, even at this late stage in the second innings with possibly one wicket in hand and stumps looming the unwillingness to recognise why farce is turning to horror show persists.

Why? Leaders everywhere seem to be fatally infected with the worldwide western disease that threatens to prove terminal – inability to be blunt.

It started the first day a Microsoft marketing type called a problem an “issue” and it’s been downhill from there.

The entire EU endeavour was a rather pathetic attempt by Europeans to say "we're just as big as the Americans if not bigger" and then to try to build an economic bloc that matched the US to prove it - complete with currency. Utter nonsense based on ego, post war insecurity and the mistaken belief that size matters.

The tragic thing was always that the strength of Europe is likely the numerous high value niche economies, histories, cultures, languages - that unmatched richness and diversity which allows high margin production.

Look at the (increasingly former) margins in products, services and brands.... the guts of the dozens of valuable economies which should be what we term Europe.

The vast value which the Europeans gave away with Brusselised regulation, myriad weak kneed transfer payments to free riders and the collective "pea soup" blandness of closet socialism.

Can it be fixed? Of course. East Germany took, relatively speaking, no time to turn around. See too Estonia, Poland and on….

Does it matter – yes but not because the EU is important… but because this “issue” and how it got to be an “issue” is a poster child for the rest of the west.

The cure starts by being blunt… however red the faces.


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  1. the Rothschild/Rockefeller dream world banking domination is unravelling.Every day new revelations of how corrupt the system is come to light.