Sunday, April 24, 2011

Spare us the email yada-yada

The Economist recently pointed out what most of us suspected… that all that rubbish about lawsuits, illegality of reading wrongly addressed emails, attempts to disclaim various offences and other hopeful attempts to contract out of any conceivable whatever at the foot of emails is indeed rubbish. Apparently……

“no court case has ever turned on the presence or absence of such an automatic e-mail footer in America, the most litigious of rich countries” (Economist April 9 2011, p. 65).

They might well have added a further piece of irritating e-mail yada-yada… the “Please consider the environment before printing bla-bla…” . This plea should at least be balanced by something to the tune of “Please consider the unemployment of pulp and paper workers and their families before not printing this e-mail.”

For those who have ventured further along the demand curve, the message might be “Please consider how paper consumption leads to ever greater sized carbon sinks before not printing this e-mail.”

Presumably the harassed e-mail reader would, and is certainly advised, to pay as much attention to earth day sheep following footers as to bush lawyer automated font fodder – close to zero.


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