Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Why not to bother with a MBA – Highlights

THINK TWICE by Philip Delves Broughton

  • If a MBA signals to companies that you were good enough to be accepted by a decent business school (so must be good enough for them) Why not just pay the bill, sign here and reap the rewards?
  • The return on investment on an MBA has gone the way of Greek public debt.
  • If you are getting good business experience already, the best strategy is to keep on getting it, thereby making yourself ever more useful rather than groping for the evanescent brass rings of business school.
  • There are business academics right now panting for your cheque. They need it to pad their sinecures and fund their threadbare research.
  • When you look at today’s most evolved business organisms, it is obvious that an MBA is not required for business success.
  • Successful entrepreneurs are as rare among MBAs as they are in the general population.

Are employees purely using qualifications as signals of productivity and work ethic and not concerned as to what has been taught? Or does education increase human capital and therefore mean  the investment in education does give ‘real’ returns?



  1. I've seen a lot over the years - and all went on to achieve very very little!

    In my view a couple basic issues - firstly the ones I've seen have hit their "ceiling" - but rather than recognise it's a lack of ability, they think it's that they never had the academic background. They go thru the MBA, build huge expectations of their potential, only to find it was always their lack of ability.

    Next is the flaw of case studies - the real skill in business is to put the case study together - not "solve" one. It's the skill of watching/analysing/ thinking that counts - not get some basic case to "solve"

  2. lol....The worst thing with MBA graduates is that they have little clusters of MBA graduate friends who meet, gather and network....grand result = no lightbulb gets changed.

    The only successful entrepreneur I know with an MBA was already well on his way to being loaded when he started it.

    God know why he did it, well I do.

    Probably to meet chicks.