Sunday, January 2, 2011

Rejecting drivel in favour of thoughtful writing

Journalists and commentators wishing to write tolerably well about economic matters in 2011 should avoid the following cant:

Prices which start by “skyrocketing.” Especially when “sellers outnumber buyers” and prices fall from “exorbitant”  or perhaps “gouging” levels to “fair” and “just.” Next if this “vicious cycle” goes on too long prices fall to “unfair” as a result of “dumping”.

Beware too the man in the street who believes he knows that either unions or corporations have more “bargaining power” than do their victims and can “exploit” them.

Watch out as well for consumers who can “afford” medical care and those who can “barely afford” it but “need” housing and see food as a “basic necessity”.

Beware businesses which “impose” various “profit margins” which are “obscene” and “unwarranted” typically through “passing on costs of labour” or working their “monopoly” causing workers’ wages and prices to “spiral”. Like numerous things apparently, this is “inflationary.”

Be on the alert for the “living wage” which needs to be “protected” as a “priority from “unfair competition” especially from “foreign labour.”

Little need be said of “Mum and Dad investors” who should be “fully informed.”

These pointers come from or are inspired by brilliant economics writer Deidre McCloskey. To really improve your writing read her Economical Writing.


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