Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Do economists need a code of conduct?

Jan 7th 2011 by R.A. | The Economist

This week the American Economic Association will take up this question. Many academic economists have financial ties to industry, government or other organizations, and critics say this biases their research. Do these associations create a conflict of interest? If so, how should it be addressed? Do academic economists need their own version of the Hippocratic Oath, a formal code of conduct, or a more vigorous policy of disclosing potential conflicts of interest?

Some interesting responses to this question included:

by Lant Pritchett click here for his full response.

This is not how an academic community should conduct itself. We should stand for allowing truth to emerge from a dedication to the evaluation of ideas, arguments, and evidence based on scholarly and disciplinary discourse.

by Tyler Cowen click here for his full response.

I FAVOUR such codes, but I'm not sure they will help much. First, most economic research doesn't matter in the first place. Second, the research which does matter very often is distorted anyway.

See here for all responses.


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