Thursday, April 8, 2010

Journos – again: Schizoid or just Problems with consistency?

Typically nothing gets the scribblers in search of scandal more excited than an “owner” of media taking an interest in editorial policy – that piece of irrelevance in the “editorial” journalists are under the illusion is more important than the classifieds… which make the money (or used to BI (before the internet).

They and their academic forbears frequently claim that the survival of civilised society demands that “owners” remain at arm’s length and let editorial policy fall where it will…… OK.

Now “Sunrise” – apparently a commercial disaster – falls. But we have a Canterbury University media academic commentator saying…. well with the “owner” being Iron bridge (a private equity group) as owners, we cannot expect a decent owners interest in news…. these guys are only after profits.

So what do you want in a business????? Profit is utterly neutral. It has no interest in left, right or centre…. it ought to be the ultimate owner.

Bad case of be careful what you wish for.

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