Monday, April 12, 2010

Finally – Rotten Australian Apple Logic Dumped

As Roarprawn might say – we have been fighting this most of our working life… and the Australian rent seekers have indeed succeeded in coming the raw prawn for all of that time. Hopefully no more…..

“Apple and pear growers have finally notched up a win against Australia at the World Trade Organisation over use of non-tariff trade barriers to block the export of NZ pipfruit across the Tasman.

Sources say the WTO panel, which adjudicated the long-running dispute, comprehensively rejected the Australian defence, the trans-Tasman political newsletter reported.

Pipfruit NZ chairman Ian Palmer told NZPA the Government had received the WTO decision, but had not briefed the grower organisation - though "that might change now that this has been leaked".

The trade row has been festering nearly 90 years.” N.Z. Herald

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