Tuesday, February 23, 2010

One of the least likeable traits of a politician….

With a series of operational failures in the Telecom XT network it was inevitable that sooner or later some bright spark in the Beehive would suddenly rate themselves as a telecom technician. … just what kind and with what level of competence is utterly irrelevant.

And thus it came to pass that on the third outage, Leader of the Opposition Goff sprang to his hind legs and announced that the government should “do something”. In due course the Minister reported that he had held “discussions” and it appeared (this must have come as a shock), that he could not, in fact, “do anything”.

The reason for this was that Telecom was a private company – implying of course that if it wasn’t he would have been able to “do something”. Both the conclusion and it’s origin were duly deemed “unacceptable” by the “doers” on t’other side of the house and failure to “do something” was said to shriek of “no accountability”.

Herein then lies one of the great virtues of privatisation…. it is one of the very few policy moves which, from time to time (not always as various rail foamers will leer at you about) helps ensure that those who can “do” and those who can’t “preach”.


  1. Because Corporates are now firmly isolated from not only their marketplace but any regulatory bodies we desperatly need a simple mechanism for disciplining them when they default on the basic "contract for service" they undertake to priovide for their customers. A representation free contracts "Court" able to inforce a simple sliding rate of cash penalties on the basis of "breach of contract". If Telecom fails in provide the service it "contracted" to provide for its customers then that customer should be able to without representation immediatly be awarded cash recompense of a size that will stimulate the Corporate into correcting their contractual failure immediatly. Unwarned phone outage should be penalised by a flat rate $500 per day charge payable to the "contractee". This will result in an instant increase in the now shocking standards of service of all Corporates right across the board. Any Contractual failure should be instantly penalised with financial compensation on a simple sliding scale.
    No discipline ='s No service

  2. A harsh regime.... but you are certainly right about simple contracts with low cost enforcement.