Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ipad or Polypad ?

I watched two great speeches today from two absolute experts at making speeches. Barrack Obama and Steve Jobs. You would be hard pushed to pick between the two as presenters – alive, dynamic, inspiring and brilliant at selling their promise.

The key difference – Jobs has delivered already. He was there with the product. The product is new, innovative, generates jobs, puts the US at the top of the technology pile, is competitively priced and facilitates education in ways that are both important and which others have, to date, tilted at tentatively.

His promise and product is also subject to the toughest of tests – the consumer market – maybe it will win maybe not – but either way the guy’s money is where his mouth is.

Obama was there with the promise – the hope, the expectation, the exhortation. Ironically Jobs is delivering what Obama hopes will happen. Obama couldn’t have been better in exhortation and pushing out the responsibility to be great to Americans… he promises to help, and, OK we should be gracious and give him the benefit of that doubt.

But Jobs didn’t start but detailing the shortcomings of Amazon and its Kindle, Microsoft or anyone else…. instead he was saying…. “this is what we are offering you. This is why we think you win with our product.” No “blaming the last lot” – just promoting the positive parts of his and his team’s efforts.

I don’t doubt the sincerity of either of these people. I do have sincere convictions about which is adding the greater amount of value.

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