Saturday, October 3, 2009

No Free School Lunch

The Herald is running, and by dint of importance or nothing better to run, the ODT too, a story showing that about $700m in non govt funding is propping up “free education” in non private schools in N.Z.

Let’s not huff and puff about the make up of the “$700m” since it includes contributions from International Students – not just so called school fees and hotdog sales. Serious ding nonetheless.

I do note that $700m is roughly what Cullen paid for that munted train set KiwiRail. We should though, take this opportunity to get our heads straight about “free”.

It ought to be obvious – but sadly is not – that regardless of how education is provided it is never, ever, ever free. It might be well worth having but it is not free.

Next horror show is the century long claim that the state provides “free education”. It does not. Never has, certainly does not at present and likely never will.

So it is illusory, delusionary and just plain misrepresentation from any in all parts of the government and it’s supporting people, legislation and other baggage to witter about “free education”.

Cease and desist – it is akin to the old Communist Chinese labour market arrangement…. “they pretend to pay me and I pretend to work.”

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