Saturday, September 12, 2009

Benefits have costs – please net off.

Don Boudreaux again using simple stuff to, make points people keep on missing….. This to the editor LA Times.

You write that “Obama made a compelling case for [health-care] reform.  How it’ll be paid for, though, is another matter” (”Dollars and sense,” Sept. 10).

Even overlooking the very real question of whether or not Mr. Obama’s vision for health-care ‘reform’ can possibly materialize as he describes it, I’m baffled by your editorial.  How can a compelling case for something be made unless and until questions about that thing’s affordability are answered?  Would, for example, a case that I make to my wife that I buy a new Lamborghini – which is certainly a splendid automobile – be “compelling” if I identify no obvious way to pay for it?

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