Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Shocking piece of rent seeking….. the self serve

I am still struggling to believe the latest from the Gareth Morgan marketing machine. His latest call to liquidate the Cullen Super Fund is of course God’s work and a no brainer. Some ideas are simply dumb – so that’s all fine.

The idea of distributing the funds as some sort of Kiwi Slaver instrument is not… (a) it’s an inequitable and inefficient idea and (b) it’s a piece of self serving rubbish from a Kiwi Saver Provider…

Not everyone buys the Kiwi Slaver line…. if you think politicians keep the kind of promises required for that to work just review the last 6 months both here and overseas.

Even those who do may not be keen on a provider dishing up a recipe for new clients under the guise of objective analysis.

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