Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Selective geography and the media

I have unsurprisingly been bleating, from my home in Dunedin, about the number of people in the provinces who seem to think that “all NZ” will be paying for Auckland’s roads (that metropolitan area accounting for a third of the population and about 40% of NZ’s GDP) while failing to see that a great swathe of tax payer provided provincial service – health, education and welfare is paid for by the taxpayers of Akarana.

It was pointed out to me that this “we all have to pay for Auckland’s roads and it’s unfair” was the only story the media seemed capable of running on the issue – the well known ability to look no further than one’s nose – so what are people supposed to think.

Irony then then that I hear Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker and a West Coast  Mayor pointing out, on radio, that the fairness argument is flawed and common good across a variety of sectors is important.  I suppose eventually non journalists can actually get the journalists in the right space.

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