Monday, March 30, 2009

Capitalism isn’t working and neither is gravity

It seems that in spite of the numerous warnings from scientists, greed and ego keep overcoming gravity. You may think gravity involves immutable forces you have zero control over. But no.

Many people are cheating. Some fly. Some have plastic surgery. Some wear bras. There seems no end. What they all have in common is the fact that theft and selfish egos lead them all to cheat.

This is of course a problem for the rest of society. Why should we waste precious resources like wire for bras, scholarships for plastic surgeons and taxpayer investments in pilots of national airlines all because we refuse to accept that gravity, like capitalism and trade are simply not working.

Best we choose something else - like weightlessness. Easily enough done. A flash of the legislative pen. Bit of mild consultation with weightlessness deniers club and… Done.

Much the same as legislating against capitalism and stopping climates changing by law really. All that is required is ego and theft.

Simply a matter of pushing hard and bearing down.

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