Friday, February 27, 2009

Will brains survive?

The currently popular question "will capitalism survive"  is starting to seriously annoy me. It seems to me that a necessary and sufficient condition for capitalism not to survive is for people to stop trading - utterly and completely. If that was to happen then opportunity cost would have been banished.... that requires that resources of all types everywhere for all times become infinite - so it is clearly nonsense.

I suppose capitalism no longer exists for the dinosaur due to the fact that there are no dinosaurs - at least of the reptilian variety. For the rest - its just arguments about a matter of degree..... this University Bookshelf approach where wise men look along the shelf, select a work by a favoured for the moment philosopher and drag it down as an instantly implementable template for society was - I thought - left in the lecture hall of some 101 class.

Evidently not…

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