Saturday, February 28, 2009

Regulatory reform with eucalyptus

At present sellers of whiteware are required to display prominently (read ruin the look of the appliance) a “sticker” showing estimated energy and water consumption of the machine and a declaration about whether some person believes these levels to be efficient or otherwise. This piece of “disclosure” is mandatory.

As with most things you have to force people to do  by regulation, not all consumers want this regulatory enlightenment forming part of the decor of their kitchen on a perpetual basis. Removing it is something else – though the vendors handily advise buying, for a modest sum, yet another product which may remove the sticker and it’s glue. The vendor is of course not allowed to provide removable stickers because they might be – well, removed.

Soak a small cloth in eucalyptus oil, rub thoroughly over offending stickers and allow to soak in. Wipe of with cloth. Minor assistance with blunt knife may be necessary to commence requisite peeling of sticker.

Ensure windows are open lest eucalyptus smell causes breach in  drug ingestion regulations.

If in doubt ensure a counsellor is present during operation.

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