Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The natural inclination

Here, from the great mind of Murray Rothbard, is a timely reminder any New Zealander ought to recognise… and be wary of as we try to devise ways “out” of the impending recession:

Is there traffic congestion? Ban all cars! Water shortage? Drink less water! Postal deficit? Cut mail deliveries to one a day! Crime in urban areas? Impose curfews! No private supplier could long stay in business if he thus reacted to the wishes of customers. But when government is the supplier, instead of being guided by what the customer wants, it directs him to do with less or do without. While the motto of private enterprise is "the customer is always right," the slogan of government is "the public be damned!"

The processes of innovation, price setting and slavishly trying to give consumers what they want achieve all of these outcomes – if we let them.

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