Thursday, February 26, 2009

“Cute” statements hide "must accept" truth

Show host Mark Sainsbury delighted tonight in repeatedly asking (re the potential loss of jobs at a lower North Island clothing factory via loss of an NZ Army contract the day before the “Job Summit”) “What’s the point of a job summit when we can’t save a few jobs making things for our own army?”

Good point? Doubt it….  one thing we should hope the Job Summit hammers into people’s heads is that if there are to be “new jobs” it is essential to see that we will also lose “old jobs”. Painful and difficult but crucially true. A redistribution of resources to create the new profitability and productivity which will generate new jobs inevitably comes at the loss of some existing jobs.

The trick of course is to create more “new” than we lose “old”.

The other challenge is to make the transition as painless as possible through effective social policy which creates incentives not dependency.

Ironically, Sainsbury finished his show with a success story – of a young aspirant getting a job offer in the service industry – in Wendy’s fast food restaurant . The guy jumped at the opportunity – and that is a key word – opportunity.

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